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Patent granted

The development of electronic circuits is our core competence. Sometimes, as here in the field of energy-saving energizers, this leads to solutions that we believe are worthy of protection, and therefore apply for a patent. Meanwhile, the patent was granted. Find out more: Patent fence energizer.


Energy Saving LED-Modul for Indoor-UseWohnraumbeleuchtung mit 70Grad Optik

The costs for electricity are rising steadily. The driving factor is the EEG surcharge. It is (as of 2013) 5.277 cents/kWh in Germany. Adding more and more renewable energy sources, particularly solar photovoltaic systems, which are the largest cost drivers, will lead to dramatic increases in price of electricity. Based on the increases from the last 3 years a doubling of electricity prices within the next 10 years can be assumed. Reason enough to think about meaningful austerity. With our newly developed LED Module we want and we can make a contribution.

For the operation of our LED module only 25% of the primary energy compared to a low-voltage halogen lamp with the same luminous flux is needed. However, energy saving and therefore cost reduction in operation, is only one aspect that has to be considered. Far more important is the emitted light, especially the color of the light and the color temperature. The color temperature of our LED module is approximately 4500K. Thus it produces, in conjunction with a CRI of about 75, a white light without blue or yellow tint with an acceptable color reproduction. It is not comparable with often offered yellowish halogen-type bulbs (2500-3500K) or the cold bluish light of low price LEDs (5500-7000K). The emitted light is simply perceived as white.

The modul-design contains no wear parts except the light sources (LEDs) themselves. According to the specifications of the LED-manufacturer the lifetime should be at least 35,000h (with 70% of the initial luminous flux) when an adequate cooling is ensured and a certain LED power is not exceeded. By the way: The modules are mercury and lead free!

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